Live performance at the new “Crossing Brooklyn” exhibit at #BrooklynMuseum.

Mathieu Amalric looking suave, post- #NYFF Q&A.

Mathieu Almaric looking suave, post- #NYFF Q&A.

Goodbye #Disney & Florida. Until next time! #itsasmallworld

If you blush when taking a picture with #Gaston at the #MagicKingdom, he’ll parade you through the square telling people not to look at your blushing cheeks.

Checking out Snow White’s new digs at the #magickingdom.

Mamí and me #selfie in line. How #Disney.


Clara Bow in Wings (1927)

Wings won the very first Academy Award for Best Picture and was the only silent film to do so until The Artist in 2012. Although the film was reworked to accomodate Clara Bow, she was unhappy with her part, saying “Wings is… a man’s picture and I’m just the whipped cream on top of the pie.”

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My mom carved this pumpkin, painted it, and bedazzled it. I’m lucky to have my one painting and two film reels up for my decorations. #halloween